AMOA Charity Donations 2019
IMM39 Donations, 2018

As we entered the holiday season back in December 2019, a time that each of us can make a difference in our communities. It doesn’t take much – more smiles, offering to help others more, choosing to be positive around others, modest donations to the less fortunate, the list goes on.


Speaking of donations, we can all be proud of the fact that all of us AMOA members have made a difference this past holiday season, as the club made donations to the Mustard Seed and the WIN House on December 11th, 2019. These donations will help the less fortunate that use the Mustard Seed facilities and for women and children seeking a safe place and emergency services fleeing from domestic abuse, so hats off to all of us for making a difference.

Darryl and Peter presented our donation cheques to the Mustard Seed and the WIN House.  Each cheque was for $1,250.00. Both organizations were extremely grateful and said that these donations will help at this busy time of year. 

This was the best part of putting on a big event like IMM39, we had the absolute pleasure of handing over donations to some of our charities!  Thanks to all of our IMM39 sponsors and all those who attended...all of you made this possible!!
Thank you letter and picture from the Stollery Children's Hospital for our donation from proceeds from the IMM 39
Cheque Presentation to Alberta Cancer Foundation from the proceeds from the AMOA Sherwood Ford Show, Shine & Track Day 2018
AMOA Charity Donations, 2018

As per the discussions that took place at the June and July 2018 meetings about the possibility of the AMOA making a sizable monetary donation to a Charity or Charities. At the October meeting we had some more discussion on this topic and then Peter motioned that the AMOA donate $5000.00 to the Hope Mission and $2500.00 to Alberta Diabetes Foundation, this was then seconded by Frank. This motion passed with a vote of Yes-14, No-0.


On November 6, 2018 Craig Weir, Darryl Chekerda and Peter Sitzler had the honor of making the donations to these charities. We first went to the Hope Mission and met with Erin and she explained what the Hope Mission does and how many people use their services. We then did a photo shoot and presented her with the cheque for $5000.00. Afterwards we headed over to the Alberta Diabetes Foundation and met with Brad Fournier and he explained the research that they are doing on diabetes and they are working with various people around the world. We then did a photo shoot and presented him with the cheque for $2500.00. Both of these organizations were very pleased with our donations to them.

Cheque Presentation to Alberta Cancer Foundation from the Proceeds from the Sherwood Ford All Ford Classic and Track Day 2017

Here is the video of the cheque presentation